Hunter Boots Red

❤️Im loving my New Hunter👢Boots👢❤️Red❤️ #hunterboots #hunter #wellingtons #hunterrainboots #rainboots #hb #wellington #hunterwellies #wellies



What I wore 10/8/11

I was inspired by this “Instant Style” in the Instyle Magazine i just loved this so here is my interpretation. Dress Kmart clearance $3.99,  Cardigan New York & Comp, Belt $3.50 Rainbow’s, Leather Shoes Sears, Michael Kors Brown leather purse with chains.

The Psychology of Art Inspired by Georgia O’keeffe

In 5th grade i had the best art teacher Mrs.Martin in Dwight Elementary School, in Ct. She introduced me to the most beautiful paintings i had ever seen, since then Mrs. Martin has passed away but the love she inspired in me lives on forever. Georgia O’keeffe was the first artist presented to me and since then i have loved all art but inspired by her the most. Here are some of my favorites.

Marc Anthony @ Kohl’s

My husband loves, loves, loves fashion. And when i told him about this new line he was very excited. Here are some of the great pieces you will find @ Kohl’s 🙂



My Son Preston, Future Model…

My son Preston is 22 months, he is not much for words, but he has a great sense of style.. I love it.. He put on my hat then said mami, as he grabbed my cell phone, so that i can take a picture and then asked to see himself and smiled.. My older son Hamilton is sitting in the background, he is 6 yrs old.


My Homage to “Budgetnista”

I Love Fashion, hence the But one of my Favorite sites has to be I love her sense of style, she is very eclectic. She is thrifty and Fabulous. So I dedicate this Blog to her. You are a Beautiful Woman out and in. May God Bless you, your son and your daily life.  Here are some of my Favorite pictures of her..

Chunky and Fabulous

So i received this e-mail. It said “Dear Zulema, You have a great sense of style for a fat girl. Nothing personal, until I saw your blog, I had never realised that obese women, had any kind of fashion sense or style, so thank you for this website”. 

As i finished reading this paticular e-mail. I was not sure if i should be happy, sad,  offended or what. I mostly laughed and thought since when was I fat or obese? I suppose to todays standards of society i am not a Kate Moss or a Gisele Bundchen. But then again would i want to look like that? So i went to the best source my mom a 60 year old–  5’5,  135 pound woman, she laughed and as always threw incredible knowledge my way. She said beauty comes in evrey shape, size and color. Does the whale look at the dolphin and thinkwhy cant i be smaller? Does the Red Robbin look at the Eagle and think your wings are nicer and bigger? Zulema she said their has to be a balance in nature. And you are beautiful becuase you are a part of us. You have the best features of your dad and I. And i m a beautiful woman..(LOL)..

I thanked her, and thought Chunky and Fabulous, I am not a size 0. But I am very happy withmy 12-14 shape. I can do anything anybody else can do. So yes we Chunky women, or girls or teen agers. Have a sense of style and fashion. We to like tofeel beautifulith shoes, purses, dresses and much more. When I look in the morror I see a mother, a friend, a girlfriend, a companion, a social worker, a fierce, strong, powerful, smart, educated, funny, serious, wonderful woman, with her own sense of style and fashion…

To all the Chunky Women and Men out their I say, get up and Strut your stuff!!!

New Apartment..

So I just moved into my new apartment. As you ldies and gents know i am going through a divorce. It’s not as difficult as i thought. To be honest i am happy I am finally free..LOL.. After 10 years of marriage. It feels great to have my own space, my own things with my tastes.. So here is a picture of my Living Room. Its simple but i like it. I will take more of the rest of my new spot.. Tell me what you think, or if u have ideas..

I got the Red Chairs from Ikea, and the Center Tables, The Sofais from Bob’s Furniture. I was having a Young Adult Ministries Dinner, so thats why u see the snacks..

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali… Is one of my favorites in the World… Except of course Georgia Okeefe…  This is one of my favorites of Dalis collection and I thought pairing it up with something young and stylish would be perfect…. So tell me what do you think??? Who is your favorite artist???

fashion dali

Fall Fashion Pallet

I love Fall and Winter!!! I like picking my Fall color Pallet and then buy things that are on sale in that color range. I also like to buy last season and add it to this season’s trends. What colors do you like???

Fall Color Palett