What I wore 8/23/2016

Grey hound’s-tooth skirt thrifted, grey and black polka dots tights Kohl’s, Black cardigan Target, black tank top CK.






What I wore 8/4/2016

Blue Cardigan Target, Skirt Thrifted, Black sleeveless top Sears, Coral Shoes Target.






What I wore on 9/1/2015

Have a Great new month of September 2015. Dress Sears ($5.00-Clearance), Cardigan thrifted, ($4.99) Shoes Marshalls Dept Store ($19.99)…. ..Love this dress 🙂


IMG_5975 IMG_5977 IMG_5994 IMG_6007 IMG_6016

What i wore on 4-19-14

Love this dress, Simply Vera Wang V-neck, sleeveless, pleated, blue, white and black dress. Button down Cardigan with lace trim thrift-ed Spense Knit brand, Turquoise Shoes from Ebay Quipid brand. Today was a beautiful day, I love Sabbath, a day to Worship in church and glorify God’s Name.

 SimplyVera-only-logo-350borderkohlllkgrhqnhjbme63uw2cc-bo6nvztys60_3 IMG_8989IMG_8975IMG_8983IMG_8977IMG_8976

What i wore on 1-18-14

I have been sewing a lot lately, Joann Fabrics had a lot of fabrics on sale and clearance, i purchased a ton. This dress is a nice simple pattern i sewed elastic on the top i have not mastered sleeves yet so i sewed a simple band to the dress. Brown Oxford shoes American Eagle brand on sale only $12.30. This yellow cardigan was thrifted, shoes on sale. i love this great new Vintage coat i purchased only $12.00 it’s a 100% wool its so warm, i put a pink rose broach also thrifted. My brown Michael Kors purse. As you can see it is winter in New England 🙂

1-18-14 What i wore (1) 1-18-14 What i wore (2) 1-18-14 What i wore (4) 1-18-14 What i wore (5) 1-18-14 What i wore (6) 1-18-14 What i wore (7) 1-18-14 What i wore (8) 1-18-14 What i wore (9)

What i wore on 1/11/14

Kohl’s Dana Buchman Blue One Button Jacket Blazer, Kohl’s Apt. 9® Dot Tiered Mixed-Media Tank, Metallic cap toe boots. Skirt Thrifted. This is a nice and simple outfit. I wanted to wear these boots, i had a shorter skirt but this skirt to me looked much better. Have a Blessed Day 🙂

What i wore on 1-11-14  (2)What i wore on 1-11-14  (3)What i wore on 1-11-14  (4)What i wore on 1-11-14  (5)shopping-8

What i wore on 12-28-13

Great Dress thrifted only $2.50. Great Dana Buchman Blazer from Kohl’s only $5.10 on clearance. 9&Comp brown boots.  I saw This awesome look from Jessica Alba and she really inspired me, here in New England it’s Winter but i still wanted to have a pop of color especially in a sea of white snow.What i wore 12-28-13 (14)

What i wore on 12-21-13 (5)

What i wore 12-28-13 (2) What i wore 12-28-13 (3) What i wore 12-28-13 (5) What i wore 12-28-13 (7) What i wore 12-28-13 (9)fashion

What i wore on 11/15/13

Black and white dot blouse and vest thrifted both for ($3.00), Skirt Old Navy, Tights Kohl’s, Shoes JCP. I lovethe hot pink tights great pop of color. It feels nice to walk into a store and buy something without trying most items on. Have a Blessed Day ladies 🙂

What i wore 11-13-13 (1) What i wore 11-13-13 (10)What i wore 11-13-13 (8)What i wore 11-13-13 (6)


What i wore 10/19/13

I love this Top thrifted Lane Bryant, Skirt with overalls at Dots, Tights Walgreen’s, Leopard Shoes from Shoe-land Orlando Fl. This is such a cute outfit, this top is to big since my weight loss so i had to take it in. I felt pretty good, it’s funny to see myself in this skirt and to see how much longer and looser it fit. Have a Great Day!

138221087285469 10-19-13 Fashion (1) 10-19-13 Fashion (2) 10-19-13 Fashion (3) 10-19-13 Fashion (4)

What I wore on 5/12/12

Shoes Simply Vera Wang Kohl’s. I just love, love, love these shoes. They were originally $79.99 i got them for only (Drum Roll Please) $11.99. Yes i should of been arrested cause i stole these shoes (LOL).. Dress Ralph Lauren (Thrifted), Green Sweater Dress Barn.

What I wore on 4/21/12

I just love this great Vintage Top, I purchased it for only $6.99 Thrifted. Dress Marshalls like (8 yrs ago). Shoes JCP. I love this look the polka dots with the Turquoise top and shoes, very retro. I love this look.


What I wore 12/10/11

I have been thrifting a lot lately. I got this black top Apt 9, Kohl’s for $3.99, Skirt Vintage $1.99. Belt on clearance at Rainbow’s $3.50… My husband took these pictures he wanted more action shots and different angles, so this is him experimenting with his muse..Lol… I just love it.




What I wore on 11/26/11

Lane bryant top thrifted $1.99

Turquoise skirt thrifted (Lord & Taylor Brand) $2.49

Blue belt thrifted $2.99

Grey Shoes Rouge brand from Rainbows.

I love the shawdow on these pictures, even my shadow is modeling 🙂

“I just love, love, love the glitter on this top, and it was a steal for just $1.99

Bricks, Black and Flowers Oh My! (What i wore on 11/5/11)

I love the look of brick as the background for these pictures. Very rustic yet amazing i took these of my 4th floor window and i loved them! Dress Target, Boots JCP, Tights Walgreens, Belt Rainbows, Jacket thrifted (like 10 yrs ago), Headband DIY by me.

My inspiration Style & Poise….., I love this great blog, she is so stylish and fun. I love the idea of a great floral dress with black as the palette. When i saw this i was instantly inspired. So here is my version of  “Brick, Black and Flowers”


What I wore today 10-24-2009

Black dress thrifted, Black tights Marshalls, Jacket, Dots (I think), Shoes Mossimo.

I wore this to church I like using the monochromatic color, and since I love black I figured I would use these shoes to spice it up!!! No I did not cut my hair I just did spiral curls, very easy and low maintenance and less damage.