What i wore on 4/26/14

Navy blue flower dress purchased while taking a day trip to NY City, Navy Blue sweater thrifted, blue tights CVS, Brown Heels American Eagle Brand. My son and I worshiping at Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church.


10245410_10203560148104939_9005139022613415521_n What i wore on 4-26-14 (2)

What i wore on 4-26-14 (3)

What i wore on 4-26-14 (5)


What i wore 10/26/13

Dress Knee Length Lined Print by Daisy Fuentes thrifted only $2.50. Love this dress, Shoes ebay, nude tights CVS.

print dress

10-26-13 fashion (4)


10-26-13 fashion (3)10-26-13 fashion (2)**THIS IS ME RUNNING AFTER MY HUSBAND, HE WAS BEING A JOKESTER**10-26-13 fashion (5)