Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was magnificent her creativity, intelligence and originality is the reason today she is still a brick in the fashion and artistic world today. I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes and sketches, enjoy ūüôā20140510-235800.jpg



Do you Smell that??

So i¬†was walking in the mall and all of a sudden it hit me this great smell. It instantly¬†took me back to a place in my childhood. I turned around and asked the woman, excuse me ma’am, may i¬†ask what you are wearing?¬†Jean Nate¬†she said I said thank you and walked away. As i¬†walked away I laughed to myself and thought crazy how that smell instantly brought back memories. It’s great¬†to think that your sense of smell¬†can truly¬†bring happiness, sadness¬†or longing; all from a particular scent. What scents take you back??