What I wore 6/9/2017

Top Burlington Coat Factory, Cardigan Kohl’s, Jean Levi’s, Converse Flower Canvas High Top Sneakers, Glasses Zenni, SMILE FREE 🙂



What I wore on 9/1/2015

Have a Great new month of September 2015. Dress Sears ($5.00-Clearance), Cardigan thrifted, ($4.99) Shoes Marshalls Dept Store ($19.99)…. ..Love this dress 🙂


IMG_5975 IMG_5977 IMG_5994 IMG_6007 IMG_6016

What I wore on 2/29/2015

 Pleated Midi Dress Target brand Xhilaration, Black Cardigan thrifted, black tights Kohl’s, black shoes Cinderella Boutique. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted some of my outfits. With school working on my Master’s degree, the boys, hubby, church and work I have been a pretty busy lady, but I will start posting more sooner.

Thx Have A Blessed Day 🙂

Target DressIMG_6816



What i wore on 7-26-14

Fun and Flirt brand via T.J. Maxx, Skirt Sheer Peach Maxi skirt via Burlington Coat Factory, Shoes Cream laced wedges. This is a fun and flirty ensemble, i love this top, great bright colors. Today was a great sermon, Pastor preached about “letting go and letting God, and forgiving those that offend us, even when we know we are right, still loving them”. Have a blessed and Happy Sabbath 🙂




What I wore on 7-12-14

Happy Sabbath, the sermon today was amazing, I really felt the Holy Spirit and trust me I’ve had a very difficult week. It felt great going to church, praying listening to uplifting music, now i am re-energized and ready to start a new week soon to come. This is my favorite Liz Claiborne white blouse,  Isaac Mizrahi for Target Front Pleated Hot Pink Skirt, Nude tights, Nine West Nude Pumps.1 2 3 4 5 6

What i wore on 7-5-14

*Happy Independence 4th of July*

*Today i had a great Sabbath, i was truly blessed, this is a great outfit and i have been trying to wear brighter colors and patterns (dressing outside the box). So i put this purplish outfit together. White top Croft&Barrow brand, Purple Top, Paisley skirt Charlotte Russ brand, Hot Pink Wedges Kohl’s.*

What i wore on 7-5-14 (1) What i wore on 7-5-14 (2) What i wore on 7-5-14 (3) What i wore on 7-5-14 (4)

What i wore on 6/21/14

Today we had Communion Service in Church, it was really great, i felt truly blessed, i like the washing of the feet ceremony it really teaches us to be humble ask for forgiveness and forgive those who have offended us. Have a Wonderful Sabbath. What i wore today, Kohl’s Apt 9 Brand Lace Front Peach Blouse, Old Navy Black Wrap around skirt, Checkers Heel Shoes Marshall’s.

 apt 9 lace front peach top what i wore on 6-21-14 (4)what i wore on 6-21-14 (1)

what i wore on 6-21-14 (2)

what i wore on 6-21-14 (3) 

What i wore on 6-1-14

My husband and I decided to go for a nice walk in our beautiful Downtown, their are so many great sculptures, lights and so many quirky thinks in our small city. Here are some great pictures of the highlights and what I was wearing. Maxi Flower Dress Rainbow’s Store, Silver Sandals T.J. Maxx, Black Cardigan Dots Stores, Steve Madden Crossover Bag T.J. Maxx. It was such a beautiful fresh night 🙂

What wore 6-2-14 (1) What wore 6-2-14 (2) What wore 6-2-14 (3) What wore 6-2-14 (4) What wore 6-2-14 (6)What wore 6-2-14 (5)  What wore 6-2-14 (8)

What i wore on 5-17-14

Spring is here and i love pink its my favorite color, i was thrifting and i found this beautiful blouse and skirt. Liz Claiborne white short sleeve blouse with pearls in front and pearl buttons on the back, sheer pink wrap around skirt, blush tights, and Nine West Nude pumps. Have a Happy Sabbath, Be Blessed 🙂

Inspiration 5-17-14 What i wore 5-17-14 (1) What i wore 5-17-14 (2) What i wore 5-17-14 (3) What i wore 5-17-14 (4)  What i wore 5-17-14 (7)What i wore 5-17-14 (6)

What i wore on 4-19-14

Love this dress, Simply Vera Wang V-neck, sleeveless, pleated, blue, white and black dress. Button down Cardigan with lace trim thrift-ed Spense Knit brand, Turquoise Shoes from Ebay Quipid brand. Today was a beautiful day, I love Sabbath, a day to Worship in church and glorify God’s Name.

 SimplyVera-only-logo-350borderkohlllkgrhqnhjbme63uw2cc-bo6nvztys60_3 IMG_8989IMG_8975IMG_8983IMG_8977IMG_8976

What i wore on 1-18-14

I have been sewing a lot lately, Joann Fabrics had a lot of fabrics on sale and clearance, i purchased a ton. This dress is a nice simple pattern i sewed elastic on the top i have not mastered sleeves yet so i sewed a simple band to the dress. Brown Oxford shoes American Eagle brand on sale only $12.30. This yellow cardigan was thrifted, shoes on sale. i love this great new Vintage coat i purchased only $12.00 it’s a 100% wool its so warm, i put a pink rose broach also thrifted. My brown Michael Kors purse. As you can see it is winter in New England 🙂

1-18-14 What i wore (1) 1-18-14 What i wore (2) 1-18-14 What i wore (4) 1-18-14 What i wore (5) 1-18-14 What i wore (6) 1-18-14 What i wore (7) 1-18-14 What i wore (8) 1-18-14 What i wore (9)

What i wore on 1/11/14

Kohl’s Dana Buchman Blue One Button Jacket Blazer, Kohl’s Apt. 9® Dot Tiered Mixed-Media Tank, Metallic cap toe boots. Skirt Thrifted. This is a nice and simple outfit. I wanted to wear these boots, i had a shorter skirt but this skirt to me looked much better. Have a Blessed Day 🙂

What i wore on 1-11-14  (2)What i wore on 1-11-14  (3)What i wore on 1-11-14  (4)What i wore on 1-11-14  (5)shopping-8

What i wore on 1-4-14

My wonderful hubby gave me a great sewing machine for Christmas and i loveeeeee it! I sewed this dress you see here, i wanted to wear red, since its still the holiday season, i like houndstooth but when i saw it in red i was sold, the fabric was on sale only $0.90 cents per yard, (Yeah). So here is my first dress it took me 4 hours from start to finish, i have a long way to go but i did get a lot of compliments at church today, shoes T.J. Maxx, tights Walgreen’s, Cardigan Top New York & Comp. Tell me what you think of this dress! Have a Blessed Day 🙂

houndstooth red IMG_6675 IMG_6682 IMG_6685 IMG_6691sewing mabince

What i wore on 12-28-13

Great Dress thrifted only $2.50. Great Dana Buchman Blazer from Kohl’s only $5.10 on clearance. 9&Comp brown boots.  I saw This awesome look from Jessica Alba and she really inspired me, here in New England it’s Winter but i still wanted to have a pop of color especially in a sea of white snow.What i wore 12-28-13 (14)

What i wore on 12-21-13 (5)

What i wore 12-28-13 (2) What i wore 12-28-13 (3) What i wore 12-28-13 (5) What i wore 12-28-13 (7) What i wore 12-28-13 (9)fashion

What i wore on 12/14/13

Tights are just FABULOUS… I purchased these awesome White Patterned Tights at, Yes you guessed it (Kohl’s) My favorite store ever! So i wanted to wear these awesome tights but WHITE is a hard color, here are some great ideas of how other fashionable ladies wore their white tights. Here is how i wore my WHITE awesome tights 🙂    *Dress H& M Store, Tights Apt9, Shoes Target, Belt Rainbow’s*

12-14-13-what-i-wore-1 12-14-13-what-i-wore-2 12-14-13-what-i-wore-3 12-14-13-what-i-wore-4 12-14-13-what-i-wore-5

12-14-13 What i wore (7)

12-14-13 What i wore (6)

What i wore on 12-7-13


What i wore today, Dress Elle Kohl’s, Black top New York & Company, Tight’s J.C.P, Nude Shoes Nine West T.J. Maxx. Black and Glitter Belt Mossimo, Target. I love this dress, it fits so well. Hot pink is my favorite color, and i like that this dress has a pop of color.kohls1-1nude1What 12-7-13 (1)What 12-7-13 (2)What 12-7-13 (3)What 12-7-13 (4)What 12-7-13 (5)What 12-7-13 (6)What 12-7-13 (8)What 12-7-13 (10)What 12-7-13 (9) 

What I wore on 11/16/13

Sabbath are my days of worship. I like wearing different outfits, but I also donate for every 1 thing I purchase I try to donate 1 or 2 items, it’s my way of blessing others recycling and also teaching my boys to be thankful for the blessings we have. They love to donate to. Grey Dress thrifted  animal print blouse JLo, grey shoes Rainbow’s, grey tights Kohl’s. I love this dress makes it makes me feel like a school girl :)


11-16-13 What I wore (2)11-16-13 What I wore (4)11-16-13 What I wore (1)11-16-13 What I wore (5)

**Who would of thought 50 lbs would make such  difference? I love this dress but i could not wear it, i could literally not breath, this morning as i tried it on i had to take it in because it was to big. To God be the glory in supporting me through this weight loss journey, and my wonderful hubby Miguel Fontanez.** 


What i wore on 11/15/13

Black and white dot blouse and vest thrifted both for ($3.00), Skirt Old Navy, Tights Kohl’s, Shoes JCP. I lovethe hot pink tights great pop of color. It feels nice to walk into a store and buy something without trying most items on. Have a Blessed Day ladies 🙂

What i wore 11-13-13 (1) What i wore 11-13-13 (10)What i wore 11-13-13 (8)What i wore 11-13-13 (6)


What i wore 11-9-13

I love Kohl’s and with all of the extra discounts i have been using its been fabulous to shop their. I purchased this JLo Snake print blouse and then i saw the dress, i just had to get it and JLo herself was wearing the same dress. Final price only $7.42.  I love these leather boots from 9&Company I’ve had them for several years but i love them!


Jennifer Lopez top

what i wore on 11-9-13 (1) what i wore on 11-9-13 (2) what i wore on 11-9-13 (3) what i wore on 11-9-13 (4) what i wore on 11-9-13 (5) 11-9-13 what i wore

What i wore on 11/2/13

Dress Mossimo Target on clearance only $12.00, Gold Top  New York & Comp, Leopard Shoes Orlando FL, Shoe-land, Beige Belt Rainbow’s.  Today was Women’s Ministry Day at my church, so all the women had to wear purple and gold, i did not have purple but pink is cute to 🙂 

BeFunky_BeFunky_what iwore 11-2-13 (4).jpgwhat iwore 11-2-13 (4) what iwore 11-2-13 (5) what iwore 11-2-13 (6)