I love to plan and i like to be organized, I’ve always had planners, agendas or calenders, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of planner s like (Filofax, Erin Conrad, Vera Bradley, ARC Staples, Franklin Convey, Day Timer, etc, etc). And some seemed nice or to expensive etc. I wanted something versatile, easy but most of all something i could make my own. Since i’m very into scrap-booking, i wanted to decorate my own planner. The ARC planner by Staples is nice, sleek, comes in various styles and sizes and is affordable. Plus i can sticker it, washi tape it or decorate as my heart pleases. So here are some ideas that I used for my ARC daily planner. What kind of a planner do you use, what do you like or not about using a planner, binder, agenda book or calender.   ARC STAPLES (2) ARC STAPLES (3) ARC STAPLES (6)  ARC STAPLES (8)


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