*Sewing 101*


Fashion is my Passion, and as the Self proclaimed Queen of Fashion and Psychology, I like clothes, shoes, accessories etc. But what better way to be me, than by learning how to sow. For Christmas i asked Santa Claus or (My Husband) for a sowing machine. *Here is my new sewing machine*

photo 1Growing up my mom and grandma would make a potato sack look like a wedding gown in minutes, so i figured it was installed in my DNA, the only problem is that as enthusiastic as i am to sow, i also realized i have no skills, knowledge or understanding about sowing. So of course as any young techie person i went to the source YouTube and i discovered that i could be only several minutes away from being the Puerto-Rican “Edith Head” of sowing. I’m working on my first skirt, pictures soon to come. I did find this girl and she is just awesome, i have watched all of her videos and have learned so much. I wanted to share this post with you and also a video of her amazing sewing skills.

EHead_2_Manequins*EDITH HEAD*


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