Friday Psych Day

Shopping Therapy 101

Part of Friday Psych Day is to bring up different topics about psych and fashion. I was at T.J. Maxx and as i was looking at the Christmas stuff, clearance and so much more, i realized that shopping can be a therapy. Not in an addictive way (lol) but more like looking and trying clothes, matching different colors and patterns and just being able to get a great item at a cheaper price and still love the fit and look of what ever outfit, shoes, accessory, home goods or candle you might purchase. After leaving the store i only purchased a box of Rose Hibiscus Tea, it felt good and i was excited to try this new flavor and brand, overall i did not find anything worth while but i did see several dresses, shoes and skirts i will keep an eye on for future possible purchases. Here are some pictures of T.J. Maxx and some of the great items i really liked.

tj maxx (1) tj maxx (2) tj maxx (3) tj maxx (4) tj maxx (5) tj maxx (6) tj maxx (7) tj maxx (8) tj maxx (9) tj maxx (10)


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