Dunkin Donuts Red Velvet Latte

So normally I don’t post a lot of articles about food, restaurants etc. But today I was at Dunkin Donuts and I saw a big sign for The Red Velvet Latte. Now I’m not a coffee drinker I always get the mint hot chocolate or just go with tea. But since Red Velvet is my ALL time favorite flavor I decided to try it. Ladies and gentlemen it was the WORST thing I have ever tasted. To me it tasted like Strawberry Quick. It was terrible. If it wasn’t for my ultimate love for Red Velvet cupcakes I would never ever eat or drink this again. It was so bad I decided to actually write a post about it. So if you decide to try it you can make your own decision on whether you like it or not, as for me. “It’s a NO”… Never Again. In this case I’m sticking to what I know Dunkin Donuts Mint Hot Chocolate.



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