Tuesday’s Treasure Trove

I love all things that smell good, lately i have been obsessed with Wax Melts, i recently bought this great Lighthouse Wax Warmer at Walmart on clearance for only $5.00. (Yeah). So of course i purchased the last two. I also bought 2 different Better Homes waxed scented cubes for only $2.00 each. But as i was looking at other  scents and noticed how expensive they were. 

Wax (1)Here is a idea on how to make your own scented wax at home. I did this and it worked great. I love having candles and other smelly things in my home but they can get very pricey.

 1. I started with Organic Beeswax, which you can purchase from Amazon or your local crafts store.  You can also reuse the wax from previously purchased candles or wax melts. The best part is that you can re-use it, yes you can!


2. I chose the Beeswax because it is 100% natural, being nature’s wax, emits wonderful air-cleaning, depression-reducing ions that combat things like dust, odors, mold and even viruses while elevating the mood! Seriously! 


3. You can choose any chose to mix up 3 essential oils, I chose Lavender and Rose and Peppermint.  I love that it only takes a couple drops to get a great smell and there are 250 drops in each bottle. They really go a long way!


 4. I popped the beeswax into the microwave until melted.  Then I added a few drops of each essential oil.  You can do this with any essential oils you enjoy the smell of.


 5. You then pour the melted wax into an ice cube tray i got some cool ones at Ikea or reuse a “scentsy style” container.


 6. I then popped the pan into the freezer for a few minutes and they were all set up! I just popped them right out of the pan and placed them in the warmers. The rest went into an air tight container for another day.


7. I can’t imagine how much money this has saved my family, and I still get to enjoy all the amazing scents that make me happy!


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