What I wore on 11/16/13

Sabbath are my days of worship. I like wearing different outfits, but I also donate for every 1 thing I purchase I try to donate 1 or 2 items, it’s my way of blessing others recycling and also teaching my boys to be thankful for the blessings we have. They love to donate to. Grey Dress thrifted  animal print blouse JLo, grey shoes Rainbow’s, grey tights Kohl’s. I love this dress makes it makes me feel like a school girl :)


11-16-13 What I wore (2)11-16-13 What I wore (4)11-16-13 What I wore (1)11-16-13 What I wore (5)

**Who would of thought 50 lbs would make such  difference? I love this dress but i could not wear it, i could literally not breath, this morning as i tried it on i had to take it in because it was to big. To God be the glory in supporting me through this weight loss journey, and my wonderful hubby Miguel Fontanez.** 



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