Awesome Weekend Haul!!

I purchased all these wondeful items, from Friday to Monday Memorial Weekend i decided to give myself $40.00 and purchase as much as i could without going over but i chalenged myself i said ok, i need to get atleast 1 dress, i top, 1 tank top and one thing in Yellow or Orange.. Yes i did it all for the total amount of ($32.48) Wow i am so proud of myself!!

1) Merona® Women’s Elastic Waistband Shirt dress in Navy Blue Purchase for ($8.00) clearance.

2) Yellow Cardigan ($5.00)

3) Navy Blue Merona short sleeve lace yoke top ($5.00)






Kohl’s Store

1) Purple wrap around top ($7.50)



My Thrifting Items

Thrifted T-Shirt Dress ($2.99)


Thrifted Tommy Hilfiger Pink Tiered Crop Top ($3.50)






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