Queen Marie Antoinette

Many things positive and negative have been said about Queen Marie Antoinette, but one thing that no one can deny is her impeccable style and fashion forward thinking in her day. She is my 17th Century Muse. The 17th and 18th century dresses and gowns were amazing and i simply cherish these types of clothes. Here are some of my favorites from the Queen herself!

18th-century-court-costume-toronto-marie-antoinette-gown 18th-century-court-gown-cloth-of-silver marie_antoinette2 RobeMarie-Antoinette Marie-Antoinette-portrait-by-L_L_-Perin-Salbreux

imagesCA5Y30T7 Marie_Antoinette_1762a Marie_Antoinette_1767a marie_antoinette_a_la_rose_1783_oil_on_canvas2 marie_antoinette_archiduche Marie_Antoinette_Young4 marie13 marie-antoinette Marie-Antoinette-marie-antoinette-reine-de-france-6213628-1000-787 ca_1775_marie_antoinette_pr untitled



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