3 Things Tuesday

So here are the 3 Things Tuesday. I am loving all 3!!

1. Special K Fruit Crisps– These are the best snacks ever and only (3 points). They are to good the blueberry is also very tasty!

2. My wonderful hubby surprised me with a new Kindle Fire and i am loving it!!.. He is the best 🙂

3. I am always running in the mornings (like a chicken with no head)..Lol.. But this wonderful Weight Watchers Sandwich, keeps me full on the run!. It’s the best and it’s only (5 points). 


2 thoughts on “3 Things Tuesday

  1. Hey gal, I am rooting for you! Your determination is so strong. You’ll loose the needed amount, and then you’ll also know when to stop. (Also called, don’t do what I did. But I know you won’t.) How nice to see you bloom even more;)

    1. Thank you so much for your suport, you are a beautiful and wonderful woman, Heavenly created. I want to loose weight i am thinking about 1-2 pounds a week. You have come a long way yourself and i congratulate you on your struggles also. Weight loss or weight gain is a difficulty for a lot of us. But together we can overcome. Thank you again. Have a blessed day!

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