So as you all might know i am a mental health counselor at the main hospital. I also do medical interpreting. Well recently i changed positions within the hospital and now i am a full time Medical interpreter/Translator. I love it better hours and pay. Either way here is my big conundrum. I have to wear scrubs wich is great and wonderful. But i cannot wear my Great heels with them. So as i started looking into purchasing scrubs i found that 99% of the scrub tops are all box shaped. Yes their are great designs and bright colors but how do you fashion a scrub top? So here i am, but as it has it my wonderful husband says to me. Babe why dont you accessorize your own scrubs with scarfs and pins. You are good at this. So here it is ladies i need your wonderful ideas. Here are some of the scrubs tops i liked!!!



  1. Left graphic and playful, right Indian vibed… depends what you’d feel like. I’d go leftist. Seems funny, yet funky at the same time.

    Good going for your heath goals… I know you can do it!

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