Weight Watchers

So i was on Weight Watchers a couple of years ago and it was wonderful. Today i started on the program again. It really helped me and it is a life style change not a diet. I was motivated for several reason to start the program. One is that i want to be healthier and have more energy to play with my little boys and to just be more active overall. But most of all i want to do it because my 3-year-old said to me “Mommy you have a big belly”. I know he is only 3 yrs old. But that broke my heart, I don’t want to be the mommy with the big belly. So for my boys and for myself i am determined, I want to share this journey with you friends. I know i will have days were i will scream and shout and want to run to an all you can eat ice cream bar, but that is where you guys come in and remind me of my goal. My goal is not to be skinny, thin, or model like. My goal is to be the healthiest Me i can be. I love myself and God created me beautiful and for that I am thankful. So here we start. My starting weight is (Drum Roll Please)….LOL..


4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I know this subject is very personal and so I applaud you. My daughter has the cutest little shape and she’s only 10. She is always saying mom you “USED” to be so skinny….what happened! It is embarrassing and hurtful all at the same time. I don’t want to be the “fat” mom. I have started a weight loss program of my own. I am just gonna stick to the basic concept of eat less, exercise more and see where that takes me. The older I get the bigger my tummy gets. I have always had a very flat stomach so this pouch thingy is making me very self conscience lately. I don’t want to get rail thin either. I would be happy in a size 14 or 16 even. Currently I’m a 20. I could stand to lose 50 to 75lbs! I will pray for your journey and I ask that you pray for mine. WE CAN DO IT! Kiah

    • Thank you so much, yes we can, All things are possible through Jesus Christ that sustains me, Phillipians 4:13″. You can do it, i am taking it one meal at a time. Plus since i love chocolate and that is my weekness i purchased some WW goodies so i can still have my sweet tooth satisfied!

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