And the award goes to… ME!!!!!

Wow!! I got an award, i never ever get anything (lol).. But i received a great award from,

I am so excited and happy!!


1. I am a chocoholic!!

2. I preffer thrifting, yard sales, tag sales and flee markets raher than going to the mall anyday!

3. I have 2 boys Hamilton is 7 yrs old and Preston is 3 yrs old.

4. My favorite color is YELLOW & PURPLE!

5. I am Hello Kitty’s #1 Fan in the entire world, nope the universe!

6. I have a celebrity crush on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. (He will find me one day)

7. I am a proud member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (2nd generation)!

So i am forwarding this great AWARD to;

1. Budget Chic


3. Susu, Be Inspired

4. If Curves could talk

5. Style & Poise


4 thoughts on “And the award goes to… ME!!!!!

    1. Hello, thank you.. Wow.. It’s so great to hear from an SDA.. Holllaaa…..!!!! LOL… I am a member of Shiloh SDA Springfield Ma… Your blog is one of my blogs to!!

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