Three Things Tuesday

1) I am Just Loving (Fireproof the Movie) and (Love Dare the Book)

After watching this movie it just amazed me at how we lose sight of our marriage and husband or wife after marriage. With kids, jobs, church, home and each other. Sometimes we lose track of what is the essence of a happy marriage and that is God and each other. This movie was so inspiring, but the Love Dare Book has really change how I see and perceive, marriage, life and my husband. I recommend this book to any couple. And for the record you don’t have to be ready to divorce your partner. It’s a great way to solidify and strengthen any marriage.



2)This Beautiful Hot Pink Scarf, its so luxurious can’t wait to wear it 🙂


 3) I just love, love, love these shoes. Leopard Print purchased at CW Price for only $16.99. They are fabulous and they fit like a glove!


2 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. Fireproof is a very powerful movie! I love it! Have you seen the 1st one called Facing the Giants? You must see that one too! Love that pink scarf! Kiah

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