“DINA’S DAYS”….Outfit Outlet: (Semi) DYI Jacket

This is a great ideas ladies, all credit goes to Dina’s DAYS”

A couple of years ago I found this Forever 21 bright coral spring jacket at the thrift store for dirt cheap. I loved the vibrant color and the gold buttons, but the only problem was that the jacket was two sizes too small. Too small to even button and the jacket’s entire purpose is to be buttoned. I bought it anyway, hoping to think of a way to solve this “small” problem. I decided to add a set of buttons in the center where the jacket buttoned comfortably. Could you tell?! This is as close to DYI as I’m probably going to get. My brain just does not do DYI very well, so for all you dress-making, necklace-creating girls out there…be kind.


2 thoughts on ““DINA’S DAYS”….Outfit Outlet: (Semi) DYI Jacket

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