Am I too Old for Fashion, Funky or Not?

So I am at the ripe old age of (32) And to be honest I love young and upcoming fashion, but I had a person who shall remain nameless, say to me that I was to old!!…. To wear what I wear, First i wanted to instantly get violent,, LOL..  But then I thought is what I am wearing to young for me?  Or am I too old for what i wear? I mean let’s be honest I don’t feel old at all, And i don’t think I look old. And I really feel like I am 15 again, but once again the question still doomed over me. Am I to old for Fashion, or is Fashion to young for me? Well after much thinking and consideration. I figured, no I have my own funky, unique style, My style is not dependent on age or fly by night fashion. I am not 32 trying to be 15, I am just ME.. And me being me is just What I am, yes i still shop at Forever 21, but darn it I feel forever 15, so why not. My style of fashion is just that my style. And even if you do a fasion faux pas like Samantha did on the red carpet in Sex and the City 2, were her and Miley Cyrus were wearing the exact same outfit, what the hell. Samantha still rocked it, and looked Fabulous at 50 and over. So ladies don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t or are not to young or to old to wear. If it fits and you look great, wear it and strut your stuff. Life is like a runway, even if you trip you get up and keep strutting your goods!!!


4 thoughts on “Am I too Old for Fashion, Funky or Not?

  1. Hey Diva,

    Check out my post about Age Appropriate Dressing. That person is just a kill-joy aka “Joy Robber”. When you have your own style, female will always try to flex on you because your secure with your look and they can’t support that; because their insecure. Let it roll of your back and be TRUE to yourself at all times! Then they got no other choice but to take that miserable attitude and energy somewhere cause they see it didn’t affect you.

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