My Friends Wedding

Dress Sears, Tights Kmart, Scarve Macys, Shoes Cinderella Boutique


5 thoughts on “My Friends Wedding

  1. You look really good in your pics. I’d like to share my thoughts of how to enhance your beauty a bit more…

    You are of very fair skin (pale almost), you should explore and play with make up. If you don’t like it too much there are ways to have make up on that it looks natural. Specially if you are fair skin. You can begin with a rosy blush on the apples cheaks and a rosy lip gloss, or whatever color lipgloss you might like. If you feel like you want to take it further, you should look into a base/foundation to even out your tone, and play with eye shadows as well. Bare minerals is a great way to go (I do not work for them lol)

    Maybe doing a chick hair cut with a bit of high or lowlights in the front would be cool too.

    This will totally complete your look…. oh and maybe explore some more contemporary glasses… those with the dark thick boarders would be cool… you have sort of an eclectic style which goes well with those types of glasses.

    Take care.

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