Chunky and Fabulous

So i received this e-mail. It said “Dear Zulema, You have a great sense of style for a fat girl. Nothing personal, until I saw your blog, I had never realised that obese women, had any kind of fashion sense or style, so thank you for this website”. 

As i finished reading this paticular e-mail. I was not sure if i should be happy, sad,  offended or what. I mostly laughed and thought since when was I fat or obese? I suppose to todays standards of society i am not a Kate Moss or a Gisele Bundchen. But then again would i want to look like that? So i went to the best source my mom a 60 year old–  5’5,  135 pound woman, she laughed and as always threw incredible knowledge my way. She said beauty comes in evrey shape, size and color. Does the whale look at the dolphin and thinkwhy cant i be smaller? Does the Red Robbin look at the Eagle and think your wings are nicer and bigger? Zulema she said their has to be a balance in nature. And you are beautiful becuase you are a part of us. You have the best features of your dad and I. And i m a beautiful woman..(LOL)..

I thanked her, and thought Chunky and Fabulous, I am not a size 0. But I am very happy withmy 12-14 shape. I can do anything anybody else can do. So yes we Chunky women, or girls or teen agers. Have a sense of style and fashion. We to like tofeel beautifulith shoes, purses, dresses and much more. When I look in the morror I see a mother, a friend, a girlfriend, a companion, a social worker, a fierce, strong, powerful, smart, educated, funny, serious, wonderful woman, with her own sense of style and fashion…

To all the Chunky Women and Men out their I say, get up and Strut your stuff!!!


3 thoughts on “Chunky and Fabulous

  1. Zulema, I admire your courage and strength and I completely agree with your mother. I am still astonished that in 2010, there are people who are still so narrow minded. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being an example.

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