New Apartment..

So I just moved into my new apartment. As you ldies and gents know i am going through a divorce. It’s not as difficult as i thought. To be honest i am happy I am finally free..LOL.. After 10 years of marriage. It feels great to have my own space, my own things with my tastes.. So here is a picture of my Living Room. Its simple but i like it. I will take more of the rest of my new spot.. Tell me what you think, or if u have ideas..

I got the Red Chairs from Ikea, and the Center Tables, The Sofais from Bob’s Furniture. I was having a Young Adult Ministries Dinner, so thats why u see the snacks..


One thought on “New Apartment..

  1. Great apartment and I love the bold colors to offset the darker pieces, very nice. Sorry about your divorce, its unfortunate when a family is unable to stay together, but for obvious reasons it’s always best to provide a loving, healthy environment for your children….then to stay in a marriage where that may not exist.

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