Do you Smell that??

So i was walking in the mall and all of a sudden it hit me this great smell. It instantly took me back to a place in my childhood. I turned around and asked the woman, excuse me ma’am, may i ask what you are wearing? Jean Nate she said I said thank you and walked away. As i walked away I laughed to myself and thought crazy how that smell instantly brought back memories. It’s great to think that your sense of smell can truly bring happiness, sadness or longing; all from a particular scent. What scents take you back??


4 thoughts on “Do you Smell that??

  1. My mother use to wear Jean Nate. She loved it along with Sand & Sable. I believe these are fragrances that were popular in 70s even though the brand Jean Nate itself has been around since the 30s. I actually bought her a gift set during the Holidays of ’07 before she passed away. She really liked her Jean Nate even though I wanted her to try something new since a woman needs to update her perfume because they tend to not smell the same on the person as they mature in age. Brought back memories for me too. Great post!

  2. Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret reminds me of when I was 20 and finally moved out of my parents house and was out living the life of a young, wild thang! I don’t wear it anymore, and when I do it is not as preferable to me as it once was, but just being able to get a whiff of it from the bottle….ah, memories like the corner of my mind, lol.

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