Fashion -vs- Style??

So what do you think??

Fashion stuns. Style delights.

Fashion costs. Style is priceless.

Fashion is mindless. Style is intelligent.

Fashion is fascistic. Style is individualistic.

Fashion changes. Style evolves.

Fashion is matter. Style is spirit.

Fashion comes from outside. Style comes from within.

Fashion is self-conscious. Style is self-assured.

Fashion glares. Style glows.

Fashion is slavery. Style is mastery.

Fashion is literal. Style is original.

Fashion declares. Style insinuates.

Fashion is serious. Style is ironic.

Fashion is reproducible. Style is inimitable.

Fashion is safety. Style is courage.

Fashion is clothes. Style is character.

Fashion is this minute. Style is forever.

Fashion restricts. Style liberates.

Fashion is rigid. Style is spontaneous.

Fashion is surface. Style is substance


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3 thoughts on “Fashion -vs- Style??

  1. I think we put too much enhances on fashion. Like Whitney said “It ain’t right but its okay” as long as it doesn’t make you in the poor house! LOL

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