Harajuku Lovers Pumps

So one of my wonderful bloggers posted a question???

Veronica Says:

September 22, 2009 at 6:51 pm e

I adore Carrie’s 1st outfit! The western shirt with jeans and high heels?! How more stylish can she look?! Flawless! I cannot wait for the movie to come out. Question. I love the style of shoe she is wearing on the 1st pic, if I am not mistaken, Kim Kardashian also loves these shoes…unfortunately, never in my life have a been able to wear slip on shoes do you know if there are any shoes similar to that style with a strap? I will greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

So I found this wonderful Designer Harajuku Lovers Shoes… Here are some that come pretty close to the big heel, platform style but with straps..  Hope this helps!!!

7 thoughts on “Harajuku Lovers Pumps

  1. That is a great idea,,, Is it really expensive?? Or do you do it yourself?? One thing I have a lso seen a lot is when people paint the bottom of their shoe sole into bright colors like red or turquoise… That is very nice and you can do it yourself!!!

    Thank’s for the advice!!!

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