Fat Girls and Women–Dealing with food addiction

Dealing with food addiction
Anna Lynn C. Sibal

Modern society�s image of the beautiful woman is someone who fits a certain size, usually size 6 or smaller, someone with a certain kind of bone structure, someone with a certain kind of face. This image is glorified in many, many fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue. This image is, unfortunately, not true for the average woman, who has to struggle with size 8 or bigger, who does not have the same delicate bone structure, who does not have the particular kind of face that one would see on a model.

Not all of us are born to fit such an image of what is considered the beautiful woman. In fact, very, very few fit that given image at all. And yet, there are so many women out there who try desperately to fit that image, who will try all means available to them and that which they can afford just to be able to fit that image. Sadly, despite whatever measure we might take, some of us are just that: fat.

If we are not genetically predisposed to being overweight, there are other reasons why we are carrying around extra flesh on our bodies. It could be because we are addicted to food. And while this is not a general or a blanket statement on why women are fat, it could be because we basically have issues with ourselves that we cannot face, and we hide behind the comfort that food brings us whenever we had to deal with something that we find truly stressful.

Examine yourself. Are you fat because your genes have dictated that your body should be formed that way? Are you fat because you are lazy? Or are you fat because you cannot stop eating?

That character from the Austin Powers series of movies, the one they have named Fat Bastard, captured it so poignantly with this line: �I eat because I am unhappy, and I am unhappy because I eat.� Is it that case for you too?

If you are one of us, one of those women who are afflicted with food addiction, the first step towards recovery always involves recognition. Recognize and admit to yourself that you have an issue that you need to deal with and that you are using food to cover up for the fear, the anxiety and the sadness that you feel whenever you are forced to face something you do not want to handle.

Once you have gotten a handle of the situation, the next step would be to determine what gives you so much stress and anxiety, enough to turn to the comfort of food. More often than not, it has something to do with self-image. If it is indeed the case, that your food addiction has something to do with self-image, then the next step would be to embrace what you are and accept that you cannot be what you are not.

Most importantly, do not take this journey of ridding yourself with food addiction alone. It is so very easy to fall back into the old pattern of bingeing after being upset with something if you are dealing with it alone. Seek help with a counselor or a support group. There are others like us, like you; you need not go through this all alone.


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